Healthy Eating: Tips to help you resist potato chips and other temptations

PHOENIX - If eating better is one of your resolutions, there is an easy way to accomplish your goal that will making fighting temptation simple.

Most of you probably love salty and sweet snacks.  In fact, there are most-likely times that you'd rather have a potato chip than an apple slice. But thanks to a diet expert, there is hope.

Dr. Martina Cartwright says the first thing you should know that your eyes are the biggest eaters.

"We eat more with our eyes than with our stomachs," said Dr. Martina Cartwright, a registered dietician and adjunct professor at the University of Arizona. "If you want to eat more vegetable and fruits, put them in your line of vision."

For example, if you're camping out on the couch for a little television time, put a tray of fruits or veggies on the coffee table. It will be easier and more convenient to grab the good stuff, than walk to the pantry for a bag of chips.

Here's another tip: Change the size of your portions by switching out your plates.

"Use larger plates for fruits and vegetables and smaller ones for higher calorie foods," said Cartwright.

Finally, chop those fruits and veggies up and freeze them before the week begins. That way, you can't use physical labor as an excuse to grab the chips instead.

"Chop them up and put them in little baggies in your freezer, " explained Cartwright.  "That way they'll be available anytime."


Tempe is home of the number one collegiate hockey team

Once you have your fill of healthy food, check out a collegiate hockey game.

Few are aware the nation's number one college hockey team is in Tempe.

The ASU Sun Devils have three men's hockey teams.

The division one team is in first place, division two is in second place and the division three team is in fifteenth.

The teams play Oceanside Ice Arena in Tempe.

Tickets range from $5 to $10.

There are plenty of games left this season.

Check out their schedule.




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