Thrift store glam: Taking someone's trash and making it your treasure

From trash to treasure, blogger and author Marisa Lynch is writing the book on thrift store glam.  Lynch takes thrift store dresses and transforms them for pennies on the dollar.

 Lynch can find fashionable treasure at a any used clothing store including Goodwill. When there, she rifles through the racks of clothing like a woman on a mission, and in pieces where most people would not see the potential, she finds inspiration.

PHOTOS: A few of Marisa Lynch's before and after creations

One of the garments she found was a bright colored floral mumu. Lynch grabbed it and immediately was able to see how to make it stylish.
"Turn it into a sleeveless dress with some gladiator sandals and a cool metallic belt," she said.
When planning to do thrift store makeovers, it's important to keep an open mind and look for simple fixes. Lynch says the process doesn't have to be hard. Most people can even alter the garments without a sewing machine.  
Here is her list of essential items for your thrift store glam tool kit.
1.  Seam ripper:  This tool is designed to cut through seams, you can use it to take off unwanted embellishments, take out hems the list goes on and on.
2.  Fabric scissors:  These scissors are meant specifically for fabric, so they will cleanly cut through material maintaining the integrity of the garment.
3.  Fabric dye:  Dye can transform an item without any other alteration.  It's a great way to give life to a dingy white dress, or cover stains.
A few words of wisdom from Lynch.  She says, if you are a beginner, start with an item you don't care about because chances are it won't turn out the way you want.  Another tip is when you're choosing an item avoid tailored items because they will be hard to alter without a professional seamstress. Finally, if you're forcing yourself to like something, skip it.
Lynch settled on a floor length bright pink and yellow floral dress from the 70s.  
"This is something I would be completely drawn to because the colors are amazing. The fabric feels rich and delicious," Lynch said.  
For $9.99 it was a steal.  Once at home, Lynch sewed up a large slit in the front of the dress, added 70's inspired sandals, a simple clutch and a wide belt to break up the print and she was ready for the runway.
You can find more style inspiration in Lynch's book New Dress A Day.

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