Looking for a clean toilet? There's an app for that

PHOENIX - It's an app that tells you where to go, when you need to go,

The mobile application "Where to Wee" can direct you to clean restrooms near you while showing you how other users rated their cleanliness.

"Having an app to find a clean restroom was really obvious to us," said David Meski of CINTAS.

The company is known for its uniform service, but is also the largest restroom cleaning service in the country. The app, which CINTAS sponsors and is helping to develop, identifies your location and displays nearby restrooms.

Through the use of colored icons, or "comodicons," users can quickly determine which bathrooms are clean and which ones they should avoid.

A green icon means clean, while yellow means a bit of work needs to be done, and red means users found it in bad shape. In fact, all of the data is submitted by users who just visited the respective restrooms. The app also gives you additional information.

"You're going to find out even more about that restroom's cleanliness," explained Mesko. "Does the restroom has toilet paper? Does it have soap stocked or paper towels?"

The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android phones.



If it's healthy airport food you're looking for, try Sky Harbor. The primary commercial airport in Phoenix made a list of the best airports with healthy food.

Sky Harbor checked in at number six on that list, tying with Orlando and Washington Dulles.

The unhealthiest food was found as Atlanta's Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport.

The "healthiest" airport menu was found to be at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The vegan options helped propel the airport's ratings skyward.

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