Leftover champagne makes great fondue

PHOENIX - Champagne can be a necessity for many celebrating the new year, but if you happen to have any left at the end of your shindig, pour it in a pot and enjoy some fancy fondue.

Marie Miller, of the fondue restaurant The Melting Pot, suggests combining your leftover bubbly with a few simple ingredients to make a savory fondue broth that will compliment nearly any meat.

Keep this in mind, sweeter champagnes will create a more crisp flavor and dryer varieties will pair better with beef and lamb.

Here's the recipe for to make a champagne fondue:

  • Once you have the bubbly picked out, pour vegetable broth base into a pot and bring it to a gentle boil.
  • At that point, add your champagne and mix in three scoops of garlic.
  • After that, mix in mushrooms, onions and black pepper to round out the flavor.

When serving remember the cardinal rule of fondue fun: no double dipping!

Do you have a unique holiday recipe?

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