Girl Scouts show us a new way to enjoy our favorite cookies

PHOENIX - Thin Mints, Tag-A-Longs, Do-Si-Dos...we all have our favorite Girl Scout cookie. But forget about dunking those cookies in milk.  Phoenix girl scouts say there are new ways to enjoy these classic treats -- and that's Girl Scout Trail Mix. 

To make it all you need to do is take your favorite Girl Scout cookie, and add some dried fruit and a few nuts. The girls say their favorite is Somoa Island Surprise. You need  8 ounces of raisins and a few other items.

"...we have our Samoas, we have our peanuts, we have our dried apple and we have our dried pineapple," said Scout Olivia.
Olivia knows her stuff. She also knows, it's about the team work. Everyone had a hand in making the treat.
In addition to the trail mix, there is another way to get your Girl Scout cookie fix.
"The cookie locater app, if you have an android or a smart phone, you can click it in and put in the zip code and it will give you the nearest cookie booth." 
Don't want to break your diet? You can still support the girls by buying a box and asking them to donate it. It could go to a local food bank or even to troops over seas.
Glendale Chocolate Affaire this weekend
From cookies to chocolate, you can't beat the sweets. This weekend is one of the most decadent of the year it's Glendale Chocolate Affaire time.
A weekend of sweet romance is underway in the West Valley as chocolate makers from across the country come together to bring delights from the traditional chocolate cover strawberry, to the unique, chocolate covered bacon.
There's also family fun, from crafts to face painting and carriage rides.
It is also one of the largest gatherings of Romance Novelists in North America. You could get a chance to meet your favorite author or even attend a romance writing workshop.
The Chocolate Affaire is staying sweet through Sunday February 10 in Downtown Glendale.

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