Couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

Still going strong

SCOTTSDALE - If you believe love doesn't last, we found a couple who will be happy to prove your wrong.

David and Harriet Schacter are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary on this Valentine's Day. The couple were married on February 14, 1943 in the throws of World War II. David was a 22 year old member of the Army Air Corps, and Harriet was just 17.
She described the moment they met as "love at first sight."
"One of her friends came up to me and said, 'hi' and all that," said David. "She asked, 'Hey, how would you like to go to that girl's wedding?'"
Mr. Schacter did in fact go to that girl's wedding - as the groom. The young couple had a fast military wedding as he was working at Maxwell Field in Alabama. David had so much work, he was only given one day off for the honeymoon.
"I used to see her in that chartreuse night gown and used to say, 'Oh man!'," said David.
Seven decades later, the couple are still just as much in love.
"Do you know why we're still together?" asked Harriet. "Because after 70 years he still says yes dear, yes dear."
For David, a happy wife means a happy life. A happy life has led the couple to raise two children, which resulted in grandchildren and now great grandchildren.
Many are in town for the couple's special day.
And can you imagine how they will celebrate?
"Well I'm not going to get her pregnant!," laughed David.
Happy anniversary, David and Harriet!

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