Birth Photographers: More moms hiring pros to shoot labor and delivery

More moms hiring pros to shoot labor and delivery

Nowadays, with cell phones, we have a camera wherever we go, but not every snapshot ends up being picture perfect.  This may be why more moms are choosing to put that camera in the hands of a professional, even during their labor and delivery. 

Kim Schuck is a new parent.
"It's such a magical moment to hold your baby for the first time," she said. 
It's a day she says she'll never forget and has tons of pictures to prove it.  Her daughter Kendall was born earlier this year at Banner Gateway Medical Center just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, but what made this delivery different from the rest is that the entire thing was captured by a professional photographer.
"With social media and picture sharing, people are becoming more aware," said Birth Photographer Diana Carver.
She took the pictures of Kim and her daughter at the hospital.  Birth photography is growing in popularity across the country as more mothers choose to capture their labor and delivery as you would a wedding. 
So, is she ever grossed out by what she sees?
"You know, I have three kids of my own and I really love the birth experience, so no, I'm not," Carver said.
She says the photos don't have to be crowning achievements and most aren't.     
"I'm not seeing that.  I'm just seeing the baby come up and the doctor presenting the baby to mom and dad," Carver said.
"I didn't hear this click click click all of the time.  I still got the moment and then I have these wonderful pictures," Schuck said.
They are pictures she can easily and tastefully share with family and friends or post on Facebook
"The baby's first breath," Carver said.  "Mom and dad's first time holding this baby.  Mom will say, 'Dad would have never taken that picture.  He would have forgotten, the time the baby was born or what mom's toe nails looked like."
"It's something that if my husband was taking the pictures,  he wouldn't be in any," Schuck added.
She looks forward to eventually sharing the memories with her daughter and adding them to the family collection.

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