Can you really plan your wedding and save money at Costco?

More women counting on Costco for wedding plans

It gives new meaning to walking down the aisle.  

In between the cashews and chlorine tablets, you may want to consider Costco for your wedding shopping.  That's the right.  The store known for deep discounts is helping brides save a bundle on the most important day of their lives.

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Here's the bridal breakdown.  

"These are both Kirsti Kelly dresses," said Costco General Manager Nancy Sanders.  "You can buy the one on the left for $699 and the model bride dress, Rennai's dress is $499 at"

It may not be the kind of thing the former prom queen wants to brag about at her high school reunion, but a Costco wedding is built for a 2013 budget, and the discount store is showering brides with savings.

"I have had brides, people coming up saying I need flowers for my wedding and I'll say okay when's that and they'll say tomorrow.  Really?" said Flower Manager Chris Charlton.

Rennai, our model bride, is now married. She says her mostly Costco adorned wedding cost around $12,000.

"The weddings I was comparing myself to were $30,000," she said.

That's an $18,000 savings.

"I could spend more on the venue because I had gotten such good prices on everything else at Costco," she added.

Like on wedding cakes--they've got 'em, three tiers for as little as $60. But let's not forget as you're planning your wedding, you can spend thousands of dollars on food, but the aisles are filled with free samples.  From photos and wedding albums to the honey moon, everything short of a preacher or a D.J.

While some might think going to Costco for a big wedding is a big joke, Sanders says otherwise.

"[With] the money you save you can up it a little bit.  You can throw a better party.  You can have nicer food and drink."

Frankly, it may just take some of the stress out of getting married.

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