Ohio represents at Westminster & celebrates Fat Tuesday

CLEVELAND - For 137-years, The Westminster Kennel Club has been showing off the best-of-the-best when it comes to dog breeds.

Owner Lorie Hopp, showed The List her prize animal. 

“Dante is in the top 25 Belgium Sheepdogs in the country,” said Hopp.  

Grand Champion Images Majestic Dante made his debut at Westminster on Monday. While it's his first time at Westminster, he's been doing shows for nine years.

“He was really afraid the very first time we ever walked into an arena," his owner said. 

The Belgium Sheep Dog, along with 3,000 other dogs in the show are judged on behavior such as sitting and staying. .They are also judged on how the pooches present themselves.

“That I get a good arch on his neck, get his ears forward, that his feet are square when he’s standing,” Hopp said.   

Dante, along with more than 100 other dogs from Ohio are strutting their stuff, and in the process, making their home-state proud.

“There’s nothing like a dog show.” 


Celebrating Fat Tuesday in Cleveland

Looking for a place to help put the fat in Fat Tuesday?

Brian Mauzy is the wwner of Jezebels Bayou and he knows the place to be. “We are definitely doing that.”  

Be sure to stop by Jezebels Bayou, a New Orleans-inspired restaurant, in Cleveland’s Larchmere neighborhood.

It's about “the culture, the cuisine, the music,” said Mauzy. 

And just in case you aren’t familiar with Cajun/Creole cuisine, it’s known for having quite a kick. But it’s not out of control at Jezebels.

“It will be flavorful, and the spice will build in some of our dishes that are more spicy than others,” said Mauzy. “A lot of people love it.”  

Of course food is an important part of Fat Tuesday, but so is a party atmosphere.  At Jezebels, there’s going to be plenty of beads and booze.

“It’s going to be a wild ride and we just can’t wait to get to it," the owner said. "But in true Mardi Gras fashion, everything stops at midnight and everyone gets ready for the Lent season."   














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