Cleveland Science teacher becomes YouTube hit

CLEVELAND - A local science teacher put his lesson plan to music and in the process became a YouTube hit.

“I love Karaoke," said Nathanael Hsu.

Hsu took his passion for performing and turned it into a learning tool for his biology students at Shaker Heights High School in Cleveland.

“I was thinking how can I help these kids?  They want to learn it. It’s just a tough topic,” said Hsu.

The answer was in a song Hsu heard while he was waiting to get a flu-shot. The Black-eyed Peas hit “I got a Feeling” was playing on the radio. Hsu took the popular song and changed the lyrics to explain the process of cellular respiration.

“I wrote one verse waiting for the doctor,” said Hsu.

The success of Hsu’s first video, which has now been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube, has prompted him to do others. His latest inspiration came from the viral video Gangnam-Style.

“I knew the kids loved it," said Hsu. "I knew it was everywhere, they were talking about it.”

The music video, where Hsu sings and dances, focuses on Biomolecules. And just like the original YouTube sensation, Hsu’s version is a huge hit.

“It helped me know that he wasn’t just a plain teacher, and that we can actually get work done while having fun,” said Jontae Eldridge, a 10th Grader at Shaker Heights High School.

“It’s catchy, so it’s easy to remember," said Zenobia Weatherspoon. " And it helps you to remember steps easily.”

There was no big production crew on Hsu’s video shoot, he shot most of it on his own with a flip cam. “I definitely enjoy it, it is fun.  I don’t think I could do it if it wasn’t,” said Hsu.

Hsu put 55 hours into the project, but he says it was time well spent.

“It’s building interest and engagement and that’s what the goal is essentially for me,” said Hsu.

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