Don't party foul with your Super Bowl food

CLEVELAND - Pizza, wings, and dips are the standard Super Bowl Sunday spread. But there is a fun way football fans can get their food fix.

“There’s more to life than just pizza and wings and beer,” said Matt Fish, Melt Bar & Grilled owner.

We turned to Fish to help party hosts change up their game plan this weekend.

“Take a traditional food item and put it onto a sandwich," said Fish.  "Think outside the box a little bit.”

That’s exactly what they do at Melt. They take food normally on a plate and turn it into a mobile meal.

“One hand has to be for the alcoholic beverage of some sort, and the other has to be for your food," said Fish.  "So, it’s got to be finger food cause you’ve only got one hand.”

Matt’s used their popular potato and cheese pierogi served on a grilled cheese sandwich as an example.

“We take awesome comfort food and combine it with awesome comfort food and make the ultimate comfort experience,” said Fish.

We may be all set with some delicious finger foods, but the key to a successful Super Bowl party is who is there.

“Don’t act like a moron,” said Candy Bissler, from Parma Heights.

You could add that to the list of "Super Bowl Party Fouls," some of which include not walking in front of the TV during the game.

“Walking in front of you, making a mess, spilling beer all over you, it’s crazy,” said Jason Bild, from Independence.

Football fans shared with us their party fouls to avoid.

“Throwing something hard at the TV when your team doesn’t win,” said Pete Titas, from Richmond Heights.

“Don’t have corned beef stuck in your teeth while I’m trying to talk about the game at halftime,” said Glen Roth, from Broadview Heights.

Roth focused on the party fouls that upset him the most.

“Don’t have dry skin in certain spots on your face as a result of the Cleveland winter which nauseates me,” said Roth.

So, lotion up before the big game if you’re hanging with Glen.

Back to the real list... be sure to know when to cheer.

“I have no clue what football is about," said Bissler. "If everybody cheers I cheer." 

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