IMG Jewelers looking forward to diamonds, silver and snow

CLEVELAND - Diamonds, silver and snow! IMG Jewelers is hoping the flakes fly fast and furious tomorrow.

That’s because the Lyndhurst business will give customers their money back, less sales tax, on any purchase between November 23rd through Christmas Eve if Alpine Valley ski resort gets six-inches of fresh snow during the first 24-hours of the New Year.

“It’s in the snow belt, right in the heart of the snow belt in Chesterland, the odds have got to be in our favor,” said Ernie Logothetides, IMG Store Manager.

The snow promotion covers everything from $35 charms  all the way up to something much more extravagant like a $60,000 diamond bracelet.  The question is though, will Mother Nature cooperate?

Sounds odd to hear that a store, especially one that sells jewelry, wants to be out a month’s worth of sales, but IMG does. “We bought an insurance policy so that we know that we’re not going to be damaged in any way – our customers are going to be the beneficiaries and the Cleveland area in general,” said Logothetides.


Odd laws from years gone by

The new year means new laws will hit the books in Ohio, but none as odd as those of yesteryear.

Topping our list is it’s illegal to get a fish drunk! How and why you'd get a fish drunk is a mystery. But one fisherman came up with at least one way.

“I guess you put ‘em in a bucket with booze in it," he siad. " I guess they’d drink cause it’d have to go through their gills.”

From sea to land  we have our share of dumb laws.

“You might call them odd, but we’re legislators, we don’t call them odd,” said Zack Reed, Cleveland City Councilman, Ward 2. Reed believes the old laws served a purpose, but exactly what, is a mystery.

Take this one for example: it’s illegal to bring a slot machine into an outhouse.

“Why would you want to take a slot machine into an outhouse?, said Reed. " And if it’s in the state of Ohio, gambling has never been legal, so why would you even bring that law up?”

Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, Cleveland may never know.

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