Psychic talks to ghosts and sends them into the light

Pamela Champion says she called on Cincinnati psychic medium Victor Paruta to cleanse a home she was rehabbing after a neighbor and a construction worker told her a ghost was on the third floor.

"There's a man here and he did not go into the light. He did not crossover. He's kind of a cranky old man. He says I'm just going to try to help him go into the light," Champion said.

Champion says Paruta came to the home and walked around and immediately picked up on the presence of a man inside the home.

"I have a little conversation with them and ask them to move on and the way to do that is to ask for their loved ones, who are already in heaven, to come and bring that person home," Paruta said.

Champion says after Paruta walked through the home no one ever mentioned the ghost again.

Champion's mother Lucille Shannon says Paruta rid her house of negative energy after it was burglarized. The east end resident says the suspect turned out to be her neighbor. She believes the house cleansing led to his arrest.

"I told him this wonderful person was coming to clear the house then after that he went to prison. So he stays away from me. If he see's me. He waves real quickly," Shannon said.

I've sat riveted watching the Long Island medium, so I wondered if Paruta could see any of my deceased relatives.

"I see a grandfather and a grandmother right over here," Paruta said.

I did get the chills when Paruta said my grandmother was touching me.

"Right now she's putting her head on your shoulders in a gesture of affection which is a wonderful thing," Paruta said.

Eric Champion says Paruta saw his relatives.

"He picked up on ancestors that were around me. Very accurate on that. Never showed him pictures. Never told him their names," Chambers explained.

You can meet Paruta and other psychic mediums at Victory of Light Expo Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18 at the Sharonville Convention Center.

Admission is $14 per day.

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