Job hunting stay-at-home moms should have resume and style makeover

CINCINNATI - Career experts say at the top of the list of job seekers are stay-at-home moms and baby boomers. If you're one of them, there are three things to consider before your first interview.

Job consultants say keeping up with the trends in your field, at the salon, and in your closet may just help you land your next job.
Julie Shifman, the author of "Act Three," a book that helps women make the transition back to work, says getting rid of the mommy hair and going for a manicure can help you nail the interview.
"Making sure that nails are trimmed. Today the reality is it's important to try to look, I hate to say this, as young and fresh as possible. If you have gray hair, it's important to color it," Shifman said.
Shifman often advises clients at her Cincinnati Act Three consulting firm to shop for new interview clothes.
"Just buy one really good piece of clothing. A really nice blazer can change a whole lot of different outfits without spending a lot of money," Shifman explained.
Shifman says women need to also update their resumes by seeking out the latest job certifications in their fields.
"The number one thing holding women back from going back to work that have been out for 10 to 15 years is the computer skills. Getting your computer skills up to date is absolutely critical," Shifman explained.
Kelly Collison is the Development director for Dress for Success Cincinnati, an organization that helps disadvantaged women by providing them with a free interview suit.
Collison says make sure your clothes are professional, comfortable, and modest.
"We make sure that the shoe is going to fit and the overcoat is going to fit and that you can sit down in your pants and that your blouse is going to cover what it needs to cover," said Collison.
Collison also reminds clients to be energetic and confident during the interview.
Career coaches offered one final tip for job seekers.
Make sure you check the mirror for a final over-view before you walk into the interview.

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