The Incredulist: Heroic stories ranging from an incredible climb to an incredible rescue

Take a look at these incredibly heroic and heroically incredible stories on the November 9 version of The  Incredulist.

MAN CLIMBS SKYSCRAPER:  Zac Vawter has become the first person ever to climb a skyscraper with a mind-controlled prosthetic limb.  He climbed 103 floors of Chicago's Willis tower during the annual stair-climbing charity event.

Zac lost his leg in a motorcycle crash and the prosthetic limb is like something from a sci-fi film.  It’s designed to respond to electrical impulses in his hamstring.

Researchers spent months adjusting it so it would synchronize with his thoughts.

CALIFORNIA RESCUE: In Northern California, people clung to the hull of a 25-foot vessel after it capsized.  Rescuers realized two kids were trapped in the cabin, which was quickly filling up with water.  Thankfully firefighters cut a hole in the boat and pulled them out... just in time.   

LOCKER ROOM VISIT: The Colts went head-to-head with the Jaguars Wednesday night, but the real story was in the locker room on Monday.

Two dozen players went bald to support the Colts head coach Chuck Pagano and his battle with leukemia. Pagano is in remission but scheduled for two more rounds of chemo. He's been on leave since being diagnosed in September.

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