The Futurist: Two wheeled travel and lights that light up your life

On this segment of The Futurist, we're wheeling and dealing as we look at the future of two-wheeled travel.

The ERW by BriTek is an airless tire that's undebated on staying inflated. ERW stands for "energy return wheel." It's goal is safety and efficiency -- and research shows it coasts 50 percent better than its pneumatic brother.

The T1 Torch is a kickstarter project that'll ignite your night. The Torch is a bike helmet with lights on the front and back. It not only lights your way, but gives you 360 degrees of visibility.Torch's ultimate goal is to make a full line of illuminated clothing. 

The Monkey light is not a device to track down your escaped chimpanzee.  It is10 ultra-bright LED's that light up just right, saving strain on other’s sight. Waterproof and fully customizable, its 15 themes and 16 colors give you hundreds of options. For more info visit

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