The Futurist: Robots that play ping-pong and can make you pancakes

Discovering the world of tomorrow today on the November 13 version of The Futurist – and this time it’s all about robots.

First up, this little borg can ride a bike like nobody's business.  The remote controlled rider keeps balance by using the handle bars. There’s only one catch…no brakes. So the little automaton has to stop Fred Flintstone style.

Ro-Bo-Buddy showed off his talents at the China International Industry Fair in Shanghai. The robot was created by Chinese researchers to test skills like movement, coordination and balancing. 

We have bad news for snaggle-toothed guys named "Cookie" who work at logging camps. This Iron Chef can whip up a stack of flapjacks while you suck down your morning Joe. This Emeril-RO-botzi won’t be making pancakes forever. His designers hope the industry can use this robot in lots of different fields.

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