The Explorer: Travel websites to help you find cheap, but unusual vacation accommodations

Thinking of taking a trip, but hankering for something brand new? Social media trip planning is the new way to plan your vacation - from the traditional to the unusual.

It starts with picking your seat buddy on the plane.  Dutch airline KLM has debuted what they call "meet and seat.” This is a service that lets you choose your seat mate based on Facebook and Linked In profiles. The idea is that sitting with someone you have something in common will make the flight more enjoyable.

Then there are websites that go into the far corners of the internet to find you accommodations that many might say are... unusual. rents out spare rooms to tourists and offers travelers the chance to pitch their tents in orchards, backyard gardens and on farms at a very modest rate.

Some of the owners will do your laundry or throw in an evening meal for a little extra. But here’s a word of caution if you want to try garden camping. One of the listing noted that "you'll be sharing the garden with our chickens, but don't worry, they're not fully free-range."

And finally, there's This is a new dating site that connects people through airports. They match your profile and travel info with like-minded high-fliers at the same plane-port.      

It’s all about social media planning and tailoring your trip on The Explorer.  

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