Headlines Around the World: Mozart's piano, glowing fish and an African cat

We gallivanted around the web for the best headlines around the world.

AUSTRIA: Austria is world renowned for its pastry, but on Monday Vienna fingers brought a sweetness of the musical variety. It was a rare performance on the very piano Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart used to compose his concertos. 

The instrument had been in storage for 200 years.  Mozart began writing music at age 5 and would perform concerts around town, always on his own piano.

CANADA: In Canada, a family has been allowed to keep their African serval cat as a pet. 

"It's like getting another child except he won't grow up. We expect him to live up to 20 years with us and we're making our family plans accordingly," said the family.

Initially the government said the feline had to go because he breaks wildlife laws and could become potentially dangerous.

TAIWAN: Scientists in Taiwan have developed a "glow in the day" fish." Their previous fish could glow in the dark or under black lights but these fluorescent fish seem to light up all the time.

They're not cheap at $3,500 a pop, but yours will be the only one on the block.

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