Headlines Around the World: Italy underwater, China's pricey pads and India's new Starbucks

Italy underwater, China's pricey pads and India's new morning buzz make our top headlines from around the world.

ITALY: Venice is legend for its waterways, but it was too much of a good thing when massive rainfall left sections of the so-called floating city submerged.  The overage sent canal water rushing into St. Mark's square, forcing even the famous flocks of pigeons to go airborne.  

Tourists, many who came from the Sandy-ravaged east coast, had to wade in thigh-deep water as officials removed the wooden catwalks that allow pedestrians to pass over flooded areas.


HONG KONG:  Hong Kong is home of some of the priciest properties in the world.  They also have a crazy housing market that has forced people who live in so "bed-homes" to pay more per square foot than the folks in the luxury high-rises.  Hong Kong already has 100,000 people living in these bed-homes.


INDIA: Starbucks has finally opened its doors in Mumbai. Starbucks hopes they can make coffee inroads in a country where people prefer the tea that street vendors sell for 5 cents a cup.  


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