Game On: Sports fans who take cheering to a new level

There are sports fans, and then there are the maniacs who paint their bodies and scream at the TV so loud their pets hide. Yup, we are showcasing the crazed fans.

First, it's not enough to love your team. You also have to hate the opponents. Investigators at Atlanta's airport are scrambling to find out who threw eggs at the New Orleans Saints team bus last week while it was on the tarmac.

Chase Daniel, the backup Saints quarterback tweeted, "Wow, as we're boarding buses on the tarmac @ Atlanta airport, we start getting eggs thrown @ us by airport workers! Guess they do hate us!"

Next, fans went loco in Hollywood for soccer superstar David Beckham. One fan's neck was bending like Beckham just trying to hold up her banner. Becks ended his 6 season run with the LA Galaxy winning the MLS Cup this weekend.

"I think today was always going to be emotional for myself, you know, win or lose, being here for six years, and being part of a team that's kept the majority of its players over the last six years,” Beckham said.

Finally, some spectators are just animals.  The Gary Player Golf Course in South Africa is carved out of the wilderness, and one gate-crasher at the Nedbank Challenge is bad to the baboon. 

It's time for these fans to do some evolving on “Game on!”


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