Game On: Cheerleaders off the sidelines and in the news

Lately cheerleaders have been off the sidelines and in the headlines which is why they made our “Game On” list for November 28.

In Indianapolis two Colts pom-pom-angels shaved their heads to support Coach Chuck Pagano in his battle with leukemia. This was at halftime at the Buffalo Bills game on Sunday. Beforehand the cheerleaders tweeted they'd shave their heads if fans would donate $10,000 to the Chuckstrong Foundation. So far the leukemia research foundation has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

More than 25 Colts players have already shaved their heads in support of Pagano. Doctors say the coach is in remission.

An Orlando Magic cheerleader who fell off her partner's shoulders is recovering after the nasty fall.

Jamie Wood had to have surgery after fracturing three vertebrae and breaking a rib, but she's ready to get back into the game. At least one school, the University of Florida, has told their cheerleaders they can no longer do acrobatic stunts.

This poor cheerleader almost got the stuffing knocked out of her at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In the video, you can see this pom-pom-pumper barely make it into a lift stand before she loses her balance. Thankfully the bases manage to cushion her fall.

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