Headlines Around the World: Woman writes with both hands, dino on the loose, & giant rubber ducky

Intriguing people and innovative ideas are making news in headlines around the world.

CHINA: In China, a woman has taken multi-tasking to a whole new level. The 24-year-old can write with both hands at the same time -- in different languages. She says she discovered this gift accidentally while she was in high school trying to master English. She learned she could complete repetitive tasks much faster with both hands. She can even write Chinese vertically with one hand and English horizontally with the other.

LONDON: In London, a bizarre vessel has been spotted on the Thames.  The Jackpotjoy Foundation had a bizarre reason for sailing this 50-foot rubber duck on the river. Their goal was to encourage Londoners to be "daft." The group says Londoners are too stuffy and don't laugh enough so they thought this duck would loosen them up.  The giant toy traveled the length of the Thames passing by famous landmarks including the Tower of London and new modern landmark, the Shard.

AUSTRALIA: In the land down under, a dinosaur is wreaking havoc. Fortunately the dinosaur is just a 26-foot-high robot. It was recently added as an attraction at the Palmer Coolum Resort in Australia, by its eccentric billionaire owner Clive Palmer.  Palmer is considering adding a replica of the Titanic cruise ship to the golf course as well.

PGA officials weren’t amused. After ten years, they've decided to move the prestigious Australian PGA championship elsewhere.  

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