Headlines Around the World: Thousands of Santas in town, lights of Lyons and Kobe illuminated

Christmas cheer and lights of hope shine in this edition of headlines around the world.

POLAND: In Szymbark, Poland 4,000 Santa Clauses came to town for an annual convention where Santas gathered and danced to Christmas music. There was even a Kris Kringle marching band. Unlike the iconic red winter suit he wears in the U.S., the Polish St. Nick, also known as Mikolaj, could come dressed in elegant bishop's clothing.

FRANCE: In France, four million visitors hit the streets in Lyon for the spectacular festival of lights. Designers, architects, artists and lighting engineers join hands to transform the city's magnificent architectural treasures into a brilliant kaleidoscope for the four night gala.

The festival dates back to a celebration that started in 1852 when a statue of the Virgin Mary was placed on a hill. Residents set out rows of candles, then strolled the streets to admire the lighted path. These days, you can watch as entire buildings, bridges, streets, monuments and river banks become amazing light displays.     

JAPAN:  In Japan, Kobe has a truly breathtaking grid-buster. Incredibly every light is individually hand painted. The ancient Japanese city was devastated by an earthquake back in 1995, plunging the streets into darkness. Organizers say the festival is a way to pay tribute to those who lost their lives, and light up the city to bring back hope. Millions will attend the two week festival which ends December 17. 

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