Headlines Around the World: Santa underwater, a penguin parade and a dugong

It's Christmas by water on Headlines Around the World.

SOUTH KOREA: In South Korea, Santa put on a show with a school of sardines. No, they're not trained like dolphins at SeaWorld. The underwater Santa used fish food to direct the little guys.  Plus Christmas spirit makes a deep dive with a neon Merry Christmas sign at the bottom of the tank that powered by electric eels.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA:  Wu-Ru, the dugong, spent the day feasting on a Christmas tree made of her favorite food - lettuce.  A dugong is sometimes called a sea cow because it loves sea grass. It is kind of like a manatee but has a wide flat nose and can live up to 70 years. The dugong is rare, and there are only six on display in the world.

TOKYO: In Tokyo, penguins have traded in their tuxes for Christmas suits. Each year, the little guys put on a holiday parade at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Aquarium. 

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