Headlines Around the World: Pushy passengers, misdirected maids, and burrowing bandits

Pushy passengers, misdirected maids, and burrowing bandits are on this edition of Headlines Around the World.   

GERMANY: German police are looking for the daring robbers who pulled off an elaborate heist after digging a 100-foot tunnel. Investigators say the bad guys rented a garage near the bank and spent a year constructing the tunnel. The job involved breaking through two heavy walls of reinforced concrete. Once inside the robbers broke open safety deposit boxes and stole millions.

SWEDEN: In Sweden, a 20-year-old cleaning lady stole a train and took it to the house. Police say the train was empty when the merry maid decided to start it up and take it for a spin. She lost control and was going so fast, the front carriage derailed, flying across a narrow road before slamming into an apartment building. Now somebody's got to tidy up the maid's mess. Fortunately no one inside was hurt, but the woman had serious injuries and needed to be airlifted to the hospital.

ENGLAND: In Norwich, England, passengers had to push their own bus. After it got stuck in the snow, they decided to hop out and take matters into their own hands.  Give those lads and lassies a taxi voucher and a hot cup of tea!     

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