Headlines Around the World: Massive pillow fight, junk car pileup and creative instruments

Junkers jumping, pillow pow-wows, and a symphony of salvage on this edition of Headlines Around the World.

PARAGUAY: In Paraguay, a couple young Mozarts are playing instruments made from trash they found in a landfill.

“The instrument is made of galvanized pipe used in the gutters for houses. We've used everything including caps, coins, even the keys from doors."

There are guitars made of cans, cellos from metal drums, and brass instruments from pipes. The conductor decided to help kids who live in extreme poverty near a garbage dump with the gift of music.

"There's a lot of drugs, violence and child labor. There are a lot of situations you wouldn't think were favorable for kids to learn values. However, they have a spot in the orchestra. Like an island in the community, it’s a place where they can develop these values,” the conductor said.  

ENGLAND: In England, some daredevils accelerated their cars over a ramp in an attempt to fly over a line of ten wrecked cars. Not everyone made it over, but even the crashers got a big applause.

PILLOW FIGHT: Feathers flew as 200 university students and workers took part in this annual stress-reliever. 

"We hope that pillow fights could be an outlet for people to reduce their pressure at the end of the year.  People can release the pressure of the whole year through some soft violence to be in a better condition so they can be ready for next year's work," said one student.

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