Headlines Around the World: Koalas, sub-aquatic statues, and a sweet deal on a cake

Our three favorite headlines from around the world on November 14.

AUSTRALIA: In Australia, they had a raging brushfire and a koala bear somehow slithered to safety.   A passerby spotted the koala sitting in what was left of a burned tree. The little guy was so thirsty he drank water from his rescuer's hand before being taken to the vet.  

MEXICO: In Cancun, Mexico, a unique museum has become a major tourist attraction. It features 500 sculptures underwater. Cancun's reefs were damaged by 2005’s Hurricane Wilma, and artist Jason de Caires Taylor began this project in 2009 when he heard an artificial reef could help the healing. 

"I was a diver and had been diving around the world in various places. I had this vision. I always wanted to create an underwater seascape."

The statues are made from a high grade cement to withstand strong currents. The material is ph neutral so it'll attract fish and coral. Marine park officials eventually hope to have up to 10,000 sculptures. 

SWITZERLAND: Chefs in Switzerland have created the world's longest cream cake. It measures 4,000 feet long. The cake was sold piece by piece, with all the money going to breast cancer research.

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