Headlines Around the World: A car for women, a hero TV host and pandas playing

Our list of crazy headlines from around the world include:

JAPAN:  There is big manufacturing news from Japan where women drivers are pretty in pink. Honda has cooked up a car just for women. It's called “She's” and the ladies love it. The car's designer says a couple of the car's most important feature is that the windshield cuts 99 percent of UV rays, and the 'plasma cluster' AC won't leave you with cracked hands.

BRAZIL: In Brazil, a TV host helped negotiate a hostage situation live on the air. The SWAT team had surrounded a house after reports that a man was holding his mother and sister hostage. The suspect told police he wanted to talk to Jose Luiz Datena, who was live on the air. The anchor pleaded with the man for 20 minutes and finally convinced him to release his mom and sister unharmed.

SINGAPORE:  Finally, there is developing news from Singapore where giant pandas "Onion Head" Kaikia and "Naughty Girl" Jiajia made their first public appearance. The plush pair thrilled visitors, climbing trees and scratching backs.  Singapore's river safari spent $705 million U.S. to build the Highland Palace. It covers 1,500 square meters and has climate control to simulate their native habitat.



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