Headlines Around the World: A Canadian with no pants, panda babies and a Turkish digital game

On November 20, we gathered a few of the most talked about headlines from around the world.

CHINA: Twenty pandas were born in a breeding facility in China this year. Pandas continue to be endangered because of habitat loss, and their reluctance to breed.  To help them, China has set up 64 nature reserves for their conservation.

CANADA: In Canada, a man has decided not to wear pants, but he has a reason for this bizarre decision. He is hitchhiking coast to coast in his underwear to raise some money and awareness for below the waist cancers. His endeavor will take some determination and passion if he plans to go without pants throughout the Canadian winter, but McIntyre’s commitment is personal. He survived testicular cancer.

TURKEY:  In Istanbul, online gaming is glomming the newsfeed.  Traditionally Turkish men play the tile game Okey at tea houses. but with the digital version, you can chat with competitors online - and it's their latest social media craze.

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