Adverts Around the World: Skydiving cats, strange candy and lady pads

They say television commercials are one of the most accurate reflections of the country they come from. Judge for yourself in our November 16 edition of “Adverts Around The World.”

SWEDISH SKYDIVING CATS: This Swedish insurance company is calling out individual customers like Eva and her cat. And of course the most direct way to express their care is to take her cat skydiving.   Now THAT's good customer service! 

JAPANESE CANDY: The Far East is known for its far out commercials, and this one does not disappoint.  It's a new musical sensation called "Candy Candy"  and so far it looks more like if the Grateful Dead did a children's show.


AUSTRALIAN LADY PRODUCTS: We go down under for the Libra Invisible Pads ad.  Our star has the house all to himself and chooses to deck himself out in lady products.  But not in a girly way. Only an Aussie would be manly enough to let his Wolverine flag fly while sporting the product's new improved wings. 


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