By the Numbers: 9 things about 'Argo' you may not know

By Matt Gallant, co-host of The List

The  Oscar wining movie "Argo" swept the British Academy Film Awards and it won Best Picture at the Oscars. Here's a look at the movie - by the numbers. 

-- The Ben Affleck directed movie about a CIA operation in Iran has made $204 million  worldwide. It's made zero from Iranian theaters. 

-- Its seven Oscar nominations included best picture, and Alan Arkin for supporting actor.  Arkin has three previous nominations.  He won best supporting actor in 2007 for Little Miss Sunshine.
-- Ben won the Golden Globe for Best Director for "Argo," yet he won't be thanking the Academy because he wasn't even nominated for one of the five best director spots.
-- 7 is how old Ben Affleck was in 1979 when the Iranian hostage crisis happened.
-- 444 is how many days the hostages were held.  
-- In 1979, a gallon of gas cost 86 cents. In 2013, the average is $3.61.
-- During the same span, a gallon of milk has only increased from $1.62 to $3.53.   
-- Affleck has appeared in 55 movies, and won the Oscar for best screenplay in 1998 for "Good Will Hunting" with his BFF Matt Damon.
-- Affleck's directed two other feature films: "The Town" and "Gone Baby Gone," which starred his brother Casey.

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