Best Weekend Ever: Disney Marathon and skiing in British Columbia

Still have a few of those holiday pounds to work off. Gas up the gas, lace up those kicks and get that body moving on this edition of “Best Weekend Ever.”

DISNEY MARATHON: In sunny Florida, you can head to Disney World for a magical marathon with Mickey. It’s 26.2 miles and will make kids of all ages' hearts race.  The course leads through the four parks in Orlando.

You’ll zip by spaceship Earth inside the huge silver golf ball at Epcot, run through Cinderella's castle at Magic Kingdom and finally wind it down at Hollywood Studios where you can run through a movie set like a shooting star. There's also a special race for children.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: If you want winter to feel more wintry, head to British Columbia where the holiday rush is finally over at the area's thirteen unique resorts. You can snowboard or ski where this time of year there's sunshine galore and the kind of snow you wait for all year.

British Columbia has the longest ski runs in the world. There's also a tube park for the kids. Or you can get a light winter workout just strolling through the charming villages.  

This time we’re breathing deep, on your best weekend ever.

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