The Hot List: Jacoby Jones dancing in our homes and Taylor Swift's new guy


Baltimore football fans are raving about this story.  Super Bowl star Jacoby Jones is the first dancer announced in the upcoming sixteenth season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Jacoby set a post season record during the last big game when he returned a 108 yard kick off against San Francisco.   Will those end zone dance moves play in the ballroom?   

Next on the Hot List is Former SNLer Kristen Wiig. She is cranking up the gas on her already hot career by jumping in for the upcoming season of “Arrested Development.”  She'll be playing Lucille, the matriarch of the hot mess that is the Bluth family -- and a young version of the character originated by Jessica Walter.

And finally, Taylor Swift is dating, but don't worry dude you'll be immortalized in a song.  The hot rumor is that she's dating British singer Tom Odell.  Swiftie's been in London since the Brit Awards and the two have been spotted hanging around town together.

In an interview Tom said, "I think she’s a lot more real than people think she is." 

Sounds like sparks are flying in London.  

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