The Hot List: Barbara Walters heading back to the hot seat

The fever is broken and Barbara Walters is headed back to the hot seat on “The View.” Fully rested and recuperated, Barbara is ready for some heated conversations.

The 83-year-old was sidelined with chickenpox but told her co-hosts “it's time to come back” during a phone call on the show. She'll be back grilling guests Monday.

Next on The Hot List, a father and son steam up the cover of dad's latest solo album, "A Father's Lullaby.” It's 98 degrees of smoking hot Nick Lachey and his adorable five-month old baby boy Camden John.   The first-time dad partnered with Fisher-Price for this kid friendly collection that includes "You are my Sunshine.”

Finally on The List is a hot new cool snack for all you guys in our lives.  It’s bro-gurt! You no longer have to feel ashamed picking up that girly Greek yogurt. A company called "Powerful" has come out with a product designed by sports nutritionists and expert trainers. The bro-gurt comes in a man sized package and in some not so manly flavors like mango and blueberry acai.  No doubt it contains bro-biotics.

It claims to build muscle, improve fertility and help you find your inner abs.  

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