The Hot List: Argo released on DVD, Beautiful people taking ugly pictures on purpose

By Jan Jeffcoat, co-host on The List

Celebrity wife swap is swinging for the fences with a fresh season of red hot drama.  The first trade:  Reality mom Kate Gosselin and former playmate Kendra Wilkinson.  It doesn’t seem like a fair swap since Kate comes with 8.  Kendra has a 3-year-old and former pro football player Hank Baskett. So Kate gets a Baskett of cheer and Kendra gets an 8-pack.  You can catch all the action on ABC February 26.

Next, say cheese.  Internet blogs and chat rooms are blazing up with some of the funniest “selfie” pictures to date. The trend is called “pretty places, ugly faces” and shows the hot before pics and the not so hot after pictures.  With everyone straining to make their online presence a pretty one, this is a refreshing dose of “Ugly Betty.” 

Lastly Ben Affleck’s buzzarific blockbuster slides into DVD trays today.  Based on the true story of the mission to rescue Americans from Iran in the 80s, "Argo" racked up 126 million plus at the box office and has lit up the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and the Golden Globes.  Affleck was burned when the Oscars snubbed him for best director but Argo is expected to bring home lots of cargo this Sunday.


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